it’s time.

Wow. I can’t believe that it is that time again! seriously, i look forward to senior season every year and this may be the most fun one yet. It all kicks off with my rebels! I am so excited to be putting together another amazing team of rebels to spread the word about how much fun taking senior pictures can be, the adventures that lie ahead, and why RWP is who seniors should give a shot.

this is what i’d love for you to take away from this experience…

YOu’re going to make some super fun friends.

you’ll share some great memories to kick off your senior year!

you can use this experience for a resume, or college application.

you will feel beautiful, valued & celebrated!

and the perks are pretty awesome too.

Meet some of my lovely RWP rebels from the last year. I honestly can say that each one of these beautiful souls has taken a bit of my photographer heart =)

my 2019 rebels killed it last year!!! meet my super fun rebels: chanisse, kola, audrey & piper.

my 2019 rebels killed it last year!!! meet my super fun rebels: chanisse, kola, audrey & piper.

who can apply to be a RWP rebel?


+ I am looking for juniors who will be graduating in the class of 2020 from any high school in the Billings and surrounding areas. I travel all around our beautiful state to capture you in your element, so I am open to schools outside of our 30 mile radius.

+ When you take on the RWP REBEL role, you are committing your very own senior adventure booked at another time to RWP! So that means you are only representing Red Willow Photography during your junior and senior year.

+ if you are selected, before our RWP rebel adventure, we will set up the details of your own senior adventure at which I will be obtaining a retainer fee to hold your date and COMMITMENT on my schedule as well as having a parent or guardian sign a model release form. This must be done before our group shoot.

+ I will be hosting a brunch before our seriously awesome rebel adventure that we can go over more details and your parents can attend!

what you should know.


+ there will be one group shoot that you will be required to attend. you will also need to be able to find a ride or drive yourself to the shoot.

+ I am someone who values human authenticity. I truly gravitate towards people’s energy and cannot express enough that I want my pictures to represent your style, flavor, and true self. I tell that to every single senior that i meet with. i hope you can see that shine through my work!!

+ EXPERIENCE with posing or modeling is DEFINITELY not a requirement. I think it helps to know your good angles and what is comfortable when taking photos, but i don’t want super posed photos. dancing, laughing, twirling, making weird noises are all encouraged. LOL.

+ after our fun group rebel sessions, you will be RECEIVING watermarked digital files as well as a customized personal video that you will use to share on facebook and instagram (snapchat if you have it) to share and spark interest in RWP. Being a senior rep means you’re a spokesperson for Red Willow Photography. All it requires is showing off your awesome photos to all your classmates and friends!! be YOU!!! All you have to do is put a little effort into showing off your awesome pictures! And by REFERRING your friends to Red Willow Photography you can earn cash and perks!!

where are we going?

+ Chico hot springs in pray, mt.

+ one of my most favorite places in montana. the big beautiful mountains. stunning clear rivers. open spaces and trails. and that hot wadda.

+ wearing a swimsuit is not required, but I do plan a super fun shot that involves the hot pool!

+ more details to come.

let’s get to the really good stuff…..


Still interested?

Think you’d be up for the fun?

this is the part where I hear from you!