Ote | Class of 2017

Now it's NO secret that I am down for adventure. When I met Ote, we started talking about his personality, what his style is, you know, him in a nutshell. Well guess what? He's a BULLRIDER. That's right! My big Montana heart started to pitter patter because I knew that we were going to make this epic. Urban look, check. Western look, check. Bull (and I mean the real deal), check. Man I love my job. 

Jessica | Class of 2017

This girl is the total package. She's full of intellect, musically gifted, driven and if that wasn't enough, she stunningly beautiful! She absolutely rocked her session...hurricane wind and all! Best of luck to you, Jessica!

Andra | Class of 2017

Andra is one of my amazing Senior reps! She's got the model look down with those long legs and long curls! It was just her and I in the mountains, and we had a blast. Thank you, Andra for all of the fun you brought to the session. You are gorgeous! 

Payton | Class of 2017

I mean. Wow. How stunning is she?! She's also an awesome soccer player. And she has the bruises to prove it! Total rockstar! We get to do more photos when spring comes...and I have big plans for this beauty!! 

Paige | Class of 2017

I don't think that I have ever come across anyone with dreamier eyes. Paige is so much fun to photograph! We went on quite the adventure for her senior photos. From ice cream shops and alley ways, to mountain trails and rocky creeks... I wish we could do it all over again! I hope you have a terrific graduation, Paige!! 

Mikie | Class of 2017

Straight up one of the coolest, sweetest, down to earth chicks out there! She was an absolute doll to work with! Nothing but fun and excitement came from her and her besties! Thanks, Michaela!!!! 

Roland | Class of 2017

When you can't stop laughing for the entirety of your session, your job is the best in the world! Roland had me in stitches. Along side his Mom! Great memories made and moments captured. Best of luck to you, Roland! Oh, and if you see him in his car running around town, check out his license plate - it's a doozy! 

Sean | Class of 2017

Lots of black and white. Contrast. Interest.

Sean has big aspirations following High School. He also has some unique interests! I hope that I represented him well through his senior photos. Best of luck to you, Sean! 

Ashlee | Class of 2017

Wow. Ashlee's beauty is striking. And incorporating her Native Crow and Navajo heritage into her senior photos took her beauty to a whole new level! She was so fun to photograph and I think I can confidently say that this is one of my most unique senior sessions to date. Thank you, Ashlee, for trusting me to capture who you are in the most adventurous and authentic way! 

Keaton | Class of 2017

Keaton is one of my ALL time favorite beauties to photograph! Her amazing features and her natural modeling ability made this one amazing shoot!! Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, she has the sweetest most passionate heart to match! Picking only a few favorites was literally impossible. Fly high, sweet girl! 

Kenna | Class of 2017

Seriously...how gorgeous is Kenna!? And the scenery she chose matched her beauty perfectly. She has a adventurous soul, a terrific personality and is so sweet! Plus she wants to be a Montana Grizzly next year!! (my alma mater!) I am so lucky to shoot such amazing seniors! 

Kristi | Class of 2017

Kristi is just the sweetest!! We had a fun time incorporating her love for music into her session too! From her bright blue eyes to her strawberry blonde hair to her sweet smile, she is full of light and pure gold. I hope you have the most incredible year, Kristi! 

Kendra | Class of 2017

Oh, Kendra. She is simply stunning! She's super easy going, free spirited, fashion forward and an incredible dancer! I had a blast photographing all of her beauty on her senior adventure. Wishing you all the best for an awesome senior year, gorgeous!!!

Laura | Class of 2017

Oh sweet Laura. She was so fresh and easy going! She traveled from out of town to get her pictures taken by yours truly! How cool! Our day was pretty perfect! 

Good luck, Laura! I hope you look back on your senior adventure with one of your gorgeous smile !s! 

Justine | Class of 2017

This session. Wow. 

Justine wanted something unique. Something that wasn't the same ol' field, the same ol' tree, the same beaten road.... I am confident that I delivered that to her! From a dilapidated yet beautiful school house, to the incredibly gorgeous Big Horn River, to millions of wildflowers, red dirt and red rocks, to the incredible canyons of Yellowtail & an AIRPLANE! Yes, a airplane!  

I always tell my seniors that it's their adventure. And boy was this the best one yet!! Fly high, Justine!! (see what I did there?) 

Kobe | Class of 2017

I just loved this session. Kobe was such a cool guy! He was up for anything and had such a great attitude! He even let me *sneak* a couple of wildflowers into his photos...YES! He has some big aspirations for his future (dental school) and I couldn't be more excited for him. I hope your senior year is a blast, Kobe! Thanks for the adventure! 

Emily | Class of 2017

How stunning is Emily?!  Not only is she beautiful,  she is also super talented.  She plans on attending a small college out of state to pursue her love of music! 

I was thrilled to take her to The Quaking Aspen Ranch for her senior photo adventure!  She was prepared and ready to knock out some beautiful photos!  We played with many looks:  barns, woods, grasses, ponds, docks, wild flowers, bridges...am I forgetting anything?  Truly,  she was a peach to work with! 

This girl has style to go with that smile!  Good luck to you,  Emily!